Reach everybody, anytime, anywhere.

SMS messaging is the world’s most versatile and fastest communication channel, reaching mobile users anytime, anywhere.

Use it to promote products, send alerts and reminders, and communicate with customers anywhere in the world there is a mobile coverage in a mobile dialogue.
Our cutting-edge technical platform and service offering matches your customers’ needs.
Advanced reporting and real-time management control systems let you take advantage of changing opportunities.

Everything you need to maximize your messaging.

From flight and travel notifications, banking, marketing services and campaigns, SMS messaging is the most effective way to deliver time critical alerts.
Geodrop’s Messaging services gives you high quality delivery and complete control over your messaging traffic in real-time.

Two way SMS

Use two-way SMS for social networking, Q&A, TV entertainment, campaigns, voting, gaming and more.
It’s an easy way for consumers to respond to your business offers and services.

Global verification

Connect with Geodrop’s Messaging services, message the world.
Our robust cloud-based network has connections to every major global mobile operator.

Short code

Dedicated or shared short codes are widely used for value-added services such as television program voting, ordering digital contents, charity donations and mobile services.

Customers book

Keep your customer base updated inside Geodrop's Messaging services cloud area and schedule your SMS campaigns using your customers profile information.

Number lookup

Optimize your message delivery with our Geodrop's Messaging HLR lookup service.

It accurately and instantly identifies the mobile operator a number currently belongs to. You can clean numbers on your database and accurately pinpoint your message delivery.

This global service is available for all major operators, eliminating billing complications and reducing your costs.


Reaching the right customers with the right campaigns at the right time is your way to greater profit and increased customer retention.

Using our advanced Geodrop's Messaging analytics you can predict demand for your services and enable quick decision making. Then use the data to design campaigns and promotions for personalized marketing.

Restful API

We have one of the industry's most comprehensive APIs with rich support for anything you would want to do.

Statistics, follow-up, schedule send outs or keep track of balances in your personal wallets, you got it covered!


Message with confidence.
Our technical support team helps your solve any technical and API configuration issues, 24/7/365.
Using our technical support methods you enhance customer satisfaction and build a positive brand experience.

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