Give a voice to your services.

Geodrop’s Voice solution enables interactive voice commands into web or mobile service app to let your users communicate with context.
Every missed call is a missed opportunity!
With voice and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) you’ll improve your reach and ensure you never let a call go unanswered.

Voice and IVR services are voice commands for (mobile) phone applications that are easy to integrate into pre-existing telephone systems. By increasing reach, companies and organizations can quickly boost transactions and business.
Geodrop’s Voice solution enables voice commands and interactive speech of the kind used by major TV companies, and can also be used to send one time passwords (OTP).
With IVR, call queues no longer exist – everyone gets attention instantly.

Voice forwarding

With Geodrop forwarding you are able to schedule voice calls to phone numbers, with the ability to also add selection menus to each call.

There is also the additional option of forwarding a select group of callers (for example, a maximum of four callers) to a specific phone number.

Voice planning

Geodrop planning and dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF) allows you to reach a large group of people if specific information is required, such as a work call.

The end user is able to answer your request by using the phone’s keypad, each generating a specific tone.
Geodrop then identifies these tones, translates them and forwards them to you.

Text to voice and retry service for SMS

Geodrop can convert your text to a voice message if an SMS message fails to be delivered.
Geodrop can also automatically resend the content of an SMS as a voice call. The SMS will be retried as a voice call.

Every customer with Geodrop can now indicate whether he wants his undelivered messages to be resend, whether it is via SMS or Voice.

Call & win

Geodrop call & win lets users dial in to win a prize.
After each call, the end user hears a voice either telling them when the winner will be announced, or even if the caller has actually won.

Alternatively, by consulting the Geodrop log, you can choose a winner from all the callers.

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